Delivering top class services in tough times requires vision, passion, and clarity on the inside; and ambition, clever positioning and positive communication on the outside. 

It is essential that we all set our sights beyond the metrics, and commit to lead in ways that energise and ignite everyone involved. I believe that good leaders create a vision for the future and empower the organisation towards its goals. 

Leadership is about engaging people and marshalling their energy behind the organization's values, vision, and direction. Authentic leaders are clear about who they are, what they stand for, and what they want to create.

There are a range of ways that Leaders, Businesses and Organisations can work with me. The services are outlined below but in all of my work we develop options and solutions in a way that works for your agenda and your people.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.  

Trusted Adviser - One to One Mentoring 

Chairs of Boards and CEOs – Public Sector, Health Boards, Third Sector, and Commercial.

Having a trusted advisor is more than professional development.  It’s the guarantee of having access to expert advice so you can tackle the critical challenges and seize opportunities as they happen. As a Chair or CEO who is already making difficult decisions, and navigating complex issues, having access to someone outside your organisation with experience, insight, ideas, and practical advice helps you test the options and see your circumstances from new angles. This means you can be sure that you have given solid consideration to the impact and consequences of decisions and actions.

The role of trusted advisor can be exclusively to the Chair or CEO, or it can extend to facilitating meetings with boards, team members, managers, or stakeholders as required.    

Developing Excellence in Boards

Boards need to engage in high quality strategic decision making which is necessary to put any business ahead of its field. Developing excellence in your Board needs to be planned and supported: setting the right tone and establishing a culture that supports the direction and success is crucial. There are a number of ways I support Boards and leaders to become high performing, highly effective and engaged boards to both lead the organisation strategically, and support the work operationally. Developing excellence in boards ensures that the members and the organisation are making an impact and making a difference. 

A range of programmes for individual Board members, groups or a whole Board approach are available through facilitated sessions or workshops. 

Leadership and Executive Coaching

CEO’s, Directors, and Senior Managers

I work with CEOs and senior managers who know that how they manage and lead has a major impact on the success of their organisation and they value the confidential space and individual support that executive coaching brings.   Being in charge is demanding; getting support to hone your management skills and fine-tune your leadership style helps with direction and decision-making. Through looking at the specific issues that are challenging for you your thinking is expanded through dialogue with a curious outsider. It helps you develop your self-awareness, and your Leadership presence and offers accountability for development. 

Programmes are developed to suit your individual requirements.  

Organisational Strategic Positioning and developing Influence and Impact

Developing influence is essential for organisations to secure funding and sustain their future. Working with senior teams I show them how to establish the narrative that showcases their credibility and expert status, ways to demonstrate their critical value to funders,  and position their services as essential to success.

Masterclasses are available to membership groups or designed specifically for organisations which develop the organisation brand, value and impact in the market creating organisations of influence.